About Me

I'm a young professional in Ottawa passionate about programming, science and design, looking to learn what it takes to bring software from the drawing board to the shelves or out in the field.

This site is under construction. :)

My formal education is in physics and materials science where I gained invaluable analytical skills.

Through my studies and work experience, I've developed a passion for programming and software development.

Although scientific computing and image processing are my specialties, I've also dabbled in 3D CAD and vector graphics.

Technical Skills

Scientific Programming


Electron Microscopy


3D Modeling


2D Graphics


Web Design


Experienced with MATLAB applied to graphical user interfaces (GUIs), image processing, Fourier analysis and general data analysis. I have also developed a kinetic Monte Carlo simulation of adatom diffusion in Java including full strain calculations using various numerical methods and data structures for optimized performance. See this publication or even my thesis for more details.

Proficient with various transmission electron microscopy (TEM) techniques such as dark field imaging (DF), convergent beam electron diffraction (CBED) and high angle annular dark field imaging (HAADF) using an aberration corrected microscope.

Familiar with computer assisted design (CAD) software such as Sketchup which I've used to design an aluminum light tight chamber used for optically stimulated luminescence dosimetry (OSLD) research. I've also produced some basic animations using the computer animation software, Blender.

Proficient with vector graphics editors, Inkscape and Xara (Adobe Illustrator equivalents). For over four years now, Inkscape has been my go-to tool for nearly all of my graphics needs including posters (advertisements and scientific), presentations, diagrams, figures in journals and grant applications, and even t-shirts.

This is my first website! It was made from scatch using HTML, CSS, Javascript/jQuery and Bootstrap. I also have experience implenting a database and a registration form using PHP for the 200 attendees at the 2015 ACTION conference.

Communication Skills

  • General
  • Written
  • Oral
  • Programming Languages

I am completely fluent in both English and French, and have experience writing reports and giving presentations in both languages. I've also studied German for two years, achieving the level of A2.

Throughout my time in university, I've gained experience writing reports to clearly communicate ideas on different scientific topics and I've given talks, workshops and tutorials to various audiences.

In recent years at McMaster University, I've joined the founding committee for a student organization called the Engineering Graduate Society (EGS) where I've learned to get organized and work as a team with like-minded individuals to improve the graduate student community.

In addition to academic work, I am actively involved in facilitating the operation of the entrepreneurship conference, ACTION.

Conference Presentations

Scullion, A., Thompson, D., Botton, G.A. Size Distribution, Imaging and Growth Mechanisms of Self-Assembled InAs Quantum Wires on Vicinal Substrates, International oral presentation at: 2013 Materials Science and Technology (MS&T) Conference in Montreal.

Scullion, A., Thompson, D., Botton, G.A. Cross Sectional Imaging of in-Plane InAs Quantum Wires Grown on In.53Ga.37Al.10As Lattice-Matched to InP, National oral presentation at: 2012 Microscopical Society of Canada (MSC) Annual Meeting in Halifax.

Other Presentations

Various academic presentations made in Prezi on Tomography, Convergent Beam Electron Diffraction (1,2) and an electron diffraction simulation technique I implemented called Multislice.


I've given two workshops to mostly graduate students on how to use Inkscape.


I have years of experience using MATLAB for graphical user interfaces (GUIs), image processing, Fourier analysis and other science related data processing.


I've developed a kinetic Monte Carlo simulation of adatom diffusion on a strained lattice for my Master's thesis. For efficiency, the implementation required a binary tree structure which I built from scratch.


I have formal training using C++ and used the language along with the particle physics toolkit, GEANT4, for modeling the geometry of various radiation detectors. I haven't thoroughly used C but have used it for assignments in a computational physics course.


I've used Python in the past for a course in my bachelor's and more recently I've used Blender's API to produce this figure of a semiconductor surface using real simulation data.


I've used Ruby to interface with Google Sketchup's API to develop the Voxelize plugin which transforms 3D objects into an array of smaller cubes.




CEGEP de l'Outaouais
Natural Sciences

Carleton University
Bachelor of Science
Applied Physics

McMaster University
Master of Science
Materials Science

McMaster University
PhD, Sabbatical...
Materials Science

University of Ottawa
Heart Institute
GUI Development using

MPI for Dynamics and
Automated Image
Analysis using MATLAB

Carleton University
Physics Department
Data Acquisition with LabVIEW
Instrument Modeling
using GEANT4/C++

McMaster University
Materials Science Department
Electrolytic Deposition


    A prestigious national funding award offered to top-ranked PhD students given over two years.
  • Ontario Graduate Scholarship
    A provincial funding award offered to graduate students for one year. Awarded three times.
  • Dean's Award of Excellence
    A McMaster University funding award given over two years.
  • Dr. W. Smeltzer Scholarship
    A McMaster University award offered to students in Materials Science and Engineering for an outstanding graduate thesis.
    A prestigious national funding award offered to top-ranked Master's students given over one year.
  • Best Poster Award
    2nd Place
    M&M Conference
    An award given to students with posters at the Microscopy and Microanalysis conference.
  • Best Presentation Award
    An award received for my Inkscape workshop.
  • Undergraduate Student Research Award
    A national scholarship award to an undergraduate student undertaking a research position.
  • University Medal of Science
    A Carleton University Award given to a single student in the science department for their outstanding academic performance.
  • Entrance Scholarship
    A Carleton University scholarship given to students for their academic performance in high school.


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